The Fabric of
Our Culture

2022 Diversity Report

Organizations are complex.

Like a tapestry that reveals an intricate design when individual threads are woven together, an organization is made up of the contributions of many unique individuals. When combined, each person’s diverse experiences, perspectives and talents come together to form the very fabric of that organization. The individual “threads” become part of a larger picture that develops over time as the tapestry comes to life and tells the organization’s story. Its culture is born.

As relationships and trust are built among those in an organization, shared values and a common vision emerge. When diverse perspectives are heard, valued and considered, an organization is strengthened by the individual threads that bring it together. 

At RSM, the very fabric of our culture is inclusion—for our people, our communities and the millions who work for the thousands of clients we serve. We strive to create a world where everyone is comfortable being their authentic self, where all perspectives are valued and all ideas are considered. This goal is crucial because when people feel heard and accepted, they are more comfortable being vulnerable, speaking up and contributing, leading to increased innovation and better outcomes for everyone. 

By maintaining our relentless focus on inclusion, we enhance connections not only with our clients and their people but with the communities we serve, our suppliers, diverse professional organizations, our profession and society at large. Our tapestry is part of a bigger picture. 

We are committed to listening to the valued voices of newly hired and longtime colleagues, clients, suppliers, influencers, thoughts leaders and our communities as we maintain our relentless focus on inclusion for all. 

We invite you to learn more about our progress and next steps by reading this report as we continue to weave together the threads that make up our complex yet beautiful tapestry.

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