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Weaving Together the Fabric of Our Culture

While RSM began its culture, diversity and inclusion journey in 2013 with the naming of national leaders, focus groups and development of a plan, we began implementation in earnest in 2014 to be sure that our actions and activities were meaningful to our people.

While RSM began its culture, diversity and inclusion journey in 2013 with the naming of national leaders, focus groups and development of a plan, we began implementation in earnest in 2014 to be sure that our actions and activities were meaningful to our people.

That is why we launched 12 employee network groups (ENGs), creating a grassroots movement to advance culture and connectivity while creating spaces for people to belong. The ENGs facilitate communication, provide education and serve as a source of community for their members.

When it comes to our ENGs, all are welcome. As of FY 2023, nearly 60% of owners and employees belong to one or more ENG, demonstrating that among 12 groups (We recently added an Alumni ENG.), we are creating environments of sharing, connecting, learning and perspective-taking for the different voices and experiences that make up the fabric of our culture. We continue to encourage team members to get involved, knowing that their engagement strengthens our ability to deliver diversity and inclusion for all.


African American and Canadian Excellence (AACE) enhances and nurtures an environment that supports RSM’s African American and Black professionals in their pursuit of professional excellence.

ENGS aace

“Our employee network groups capture the souls of our people and help to drive our inclusive culture. Participating in and leading RSM’s African American and Canadian Excellence (AACE) employee network group has been one of my most fulfilling roles at RSM. Not only has it provided me with unique opportunities to support the recruitment, development and retention of talented Black and African American professionals and other minorities, but it has enabled me to build strong relationships with my RSM colleagues from across the country and Canada—all while raising diversity awareness and inclusiveness among leaders and colleagues. The sound of our collective voices has resonated, and I can’t wait to see what our firm does with the new group of leaders we will cultivate!” – Aureon Herron-Hinds, National lead

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Abilities ENG fosters an environment that supports professionals with disabilities and those with family members, loved ones or special connections to those with special needs as they build their careers.

ENGS abilities

“RSM recognizes that diversity and inclusion include addressing the barriers that might hinder professionals who are disabled from fully participating in the workforce. RSM is a leader in this space as many companies have diversity and inclusion initiatives, but only a fraction of those initiatives address disabilities. We are proud to be leaders in this space and continue to help unlock the full potential of our diverse workforce.” – Ayana Martinez, National lead

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RSM’s Alumni network fosters connections between current and former RSM professionals. It helps former colleagues stay connected to the firm to help them succeed in their careers and profession.

ENGS RSM alumni

“It’s truly an honor for me to be involved with the RSM Alumni network, which helps us connect with people we used to work with and with whom we’d love to keep in touch. Members of our Alumni network can find out about current news and activities, keep up to date with what’s new, participate in events, stay in touch with colleagues and friends, and explore career opportunities with RSM. It’s a great way for our alumni to maintain important connections and grow in their professions, and it’s a great way for us to keep up with people we care about.” – Ed Bartak, National lead

Family First

Family First ENG is an active voice navigating shared family challenges and promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace.

ENGS family first

“As a female leader and a working mom, it has always been critical to my career to have emotional support and understanding at work when the needs of my family were a priority. The concept of a work-life balance is nearly impossible to fathom when you have a newborn at home, much less a newborn and a one-year-old. Before ENGs were formalized, I always had the power of the firm behind my goals as a working parent, and my ENG journey has allowed me to pay that forward as a mentor, a coach and as a friend. We each have our own unique needs when it comes to family, and I am extremely grateful to be able to shape the future of our ENGs as our workforce grows.” – Jill Reyes, National lead

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Portrait Brian Becker

Meet Ben Berger

I joined RSM nearly 26 years ago, around the time I married my amazing wife, Leeba. And over the next six years, we had three children. With both Leeba and I engaged in our respective careers and three small children at home, our house was chaotic and overwhelming. We both felt strongly about prioritizing our children and family and finding creative ways to balance those priorities with our careers. With hard work and support from RSM, we succeeded.

One of my early priorities was to be home for dinner with my family every evening. Dinner time is important for us, not just because Leeba is an incredible chef, but because it is a time for our family to connect and focus on each other. I am proud to say that, even during our busiest times of the year, I continue to be home for dinner most evenings, and over the years, I have been able to attend many of my children’s school and sports activities. I’ve had to work around those precious times, often starting my day very early or working after the children are asleep. However, the firm has provided me with the flexibility I needed to balance my family life and my career.

Over the past several years, I’ve become actively involved with the Family First ENG and have served as a CDI mentor for others with families. I openly share some of my challenges and successes so that my colleagues can be more successful in meeting their personal and professional goals. 

I also enjoy learning creative ideas for work-life balance from others. I am a firm believer that with hard work, open and honest communication, a clearly defined set of priorities, and a firm as supportive as RSM, you can have a successful career and a healthy and enjoyable family life.


Generations ENG provides enrichment through connections across all experience levels and lines of business, from the newest millennial to the most seasoned partner.

ENGS generations

“The opportunity to serve as the national Generations ENG leader has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career at RSM. Our Generation ENG is committed to unlocking a deeper level of understanding, appreciation and respect across our multigenerational workforce and client base. This is a key strategic priority for the future success of RSM. Today, we are all working to navigate uncharted waters where the traditional rules of how and where work gets done are transforming and taking on new shapes. Having the ability to participate, learn, coach and lead in this space continues to be incredibly fulfilling.” – Dan O’Brien, National lead

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¡HOLA! ENG hosts networking activities, focuses on mentoring and helps Hispanic-Latino professionals excel.

ENGS hola

“As the national CDI leader for !HOLA!, I have seen firsthand how our investment and passion for inclusion and diversity have made an impact on our recruiting efforts, the success of our professionals, and the delivery of first-class services for our clients. Our CDI efforts have empowered our people and me by respecting and appreciating what makes us different.  Different ideas and perspectives lead to better problem-solving and open dialogue and promote creativity. Our CDI efforts also provide our diverse professionals an environment to feel safe and to thrive.” – Carlos Hernandez, National lead

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InspirAsian ENG engages the firm’s Asian professionals in career development opportunities and cultural events to help raise awareness of diversity and inclusiveness.

ENGS InspirAsian

“It has been incredibly satisfying for me to lead RSM’s InspirAsian employee network group, which engages our Pan-Asian professionals in career development opportunities and cultural events to help raise awareness of diversity and foster inclusiveness. InspirAsian hosts a variety of activities—from dragon boat races and Ramadan celebrations to recruiting events focused on minority students. We also provide members professional development sessions to help them improve their leadership, public speaking and other skills to help them succeed—in both the workplace and in their personal lives.” – John Lee, National lead

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Interfaith ENG celebrates and enriches the understanding of faith in the workplace with members representing many faiths, including Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu.

ENGS interfaith

“CDI and our ENGs mean so much to me because they provide me with the opportunity to express the passion of my faith by helping lead others. I also get to help recruit for RSM—an organization that promotes culture and diversity and recognizes and respects diverse groups of people with a variety of faiths and perspectives. At RSM, I can express who I am every day and personally experience “the power of being understood.” – Kara Lindsey, National lead


Multicultural ENG supports individuals with multicultural backgrounds and experiences, educates others on different cultures represented within our firm and around the world, and offers opportunities to learn about colleagues’ experiences that might differ from theirs.

ENGS mulitcultural

“CDI and our ENGs have empowered me to learn more about my colleagues’ and clients’ diverse backgrounds. We have opportunities to make a real positive impact on our people by understanding one another better. Our people and clients appreciate when we can have deeper connections with them on a personal level. We have the best people and want them to bring their authentic selves to work daily. That is the power of being you and the reason I love RSM!” – Shereen Agbebaku, National lead

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Pride ENG supports LGBTQ+ employees and owners, clients and allies through efforts in recruitment, retention and activities aligned with business and industry priorities and LGBTQ+ organizations.

ENGS Pride

“Being involved in CDI and our Pride ENG has been a life-changing experience for me. Among the many lessons learned throughout my professional career is the concept of substance over form. When referred to generally, it relates to the nature of transactions and their relevance to certain standards from an accounting perspective. For me personally, the application was soon more broadly applied to cultural elements of an environment such as the one we work in. I learned this concept a second time as I moved from another firm to RSM, where I realized that the substance of an ENG is what matters, not the budget or the banners, but the people and the principles of inclusion. While we recognize we have much to do still, I take comfort that we have both the substance and the form in place for an inclusive culture, and that is not something to be taken for granted.” – Joe Benfatti, National lead

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STAR (Stewardship and Teamwork for the Advancement and Retention of women) network connects all RSM employees and owners interested in issues that affect women in the workplace.


“As the national leader of RSM’s STAR women’s employee network group (ENG), I have the privilege of working with leaders from across our firm’s offices in the United States and Canada to develop strategies to help women succeed at our firm. Through our STAR ENG, members have access to (among other things) mentorship, sponsorship, and forums for collaboration, community service and specialized training. STAR is a great way for our people to connect and for them to contribute to the advancement of their careers.” – Kate Seitz, National lead

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VALOR (Veterans and Allies Leading OutReach) ENG focuses on recruitment, community service, leadership development and business development of our military service members.

ENGS Valor

“Our CDI initiatives equate to inclusive opportunities that affect our people’s experiences today and their careers tomorrow. CDI has given me so much to be thankful for, including a family of diverse thinkers that challenge the status quo and keep me focused on our firm values and 5 C’s. I am grateful that several of my leaders and colleagues believed in me at such a young age (as an associate) to take on a role to lead a region for our new veterans ENG program, now known as VALOR. That is what opportunity is all about. That is what RSM stands for.” – Adrian Romero, National lead

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