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Leveraging the

power of digital

Delivering on our promise as first-choice digital advisors

In 2023, RSM deepened our commitment to being digital by leveraging existing and emerging technologies while innovating fresh solutions to deliver the full power of the firm to our clients in a rapidly evolving global environment.

We empower our people with the tools and skills needed to connect, collaborate, serve, enable and deliver value to our clients as we continue our journey to becoming a digital firm that provides assurance, tax and consulting.

By embracing this digital transformation, RSM is more efficient and connected. Our interactions are more integrated and intuitive. We are easier to work with.

Connecting and collaborating with our clients

To enhance seamless engagement between our clients and talent, we have introduced client portals across our assurance, tax and consulting lines of business. These platforms produce unified, personalized digital interactions which nurture relationships with our clients.

Delivering value to our clients

To increase efficiency, we introduced advanced collaboration through Microsoft Teams. We are also advancing RSM digital services, using Automation Anywhere, iManage and Alteryx, to facilitate seamless data exchange and workflows, further digitize our processes, and enable deeper insights and value for our clients.

Empowering our talent

Leveraging data derived from platforms like Workday and our own customer relationship management tool allows our people to make the most informed decisions to best serve the dynamic needs of our clients. Backed by the latest technology and training, our people are more efficient and strategic in everything they do.

Shaping the future of technology

RSM’s Acceleration Center for Innovation has provided a great deal of digital upskilling and thought leadership for our people. In addition, it plays host to tech-based competitions and product testing and is our first-stop incubator for emerging technology and ideas to efficiently drive our business and strategic goals.

Streamlining critical interactions for the firm and clients

We have increased the deployment of RSM DASH, a cloud-based workflow management platform. DASH enables an organization to automate and consolidate a wide number of requests, processes, services and workflows across business domains. It is the online digital interface by which clients interact with RSM consulting teams for their IT managed and support services. Clients use the DASH self-service portal (desktop or mobile) to request service, view the status of tickets, read informative articles, chat with the RSM service desk team and view reporting.

As RSM sprints into the future—a digital future—our commitment to deploying and developing technologies while aligning people and processes to best serve our clients and embolden our people grows each day. Our people are innovating and evolving, embracing digital transformation to make working together and working with clients easier, more accurate and more efficient. Together, we will be digital.

Strengthening security in a digital world

RSM’s consulting practice has introduced several digital solutions to increase efficiencies and better protect our clients from threats and disruptions in a connected digital economy.

RSM Defense is the firm’s next-generation, managed extended detection and response (mXDR) platform, operated by a highly capable cyberthreat team. The focus: reversing an adversary’s advantage. The military-grade platform ingests more than a terabyte of log data daily, which drives the correlation of over 6,200 alerts against more than 40,000 indicators of compromise. Overall, the platform blocks more than 1,100 threats daily. Embedded machine learning algorithms also detect anomalies, allowing artificial intelligence to rapidly discern friend from foe and initiate the necessary response.

Today’s technology landscapes are highly interconnected organisms growing and adapting with businesses. RSM Defense analysts work to understand the nuances of their clients’ technology environments to ensure a curated response that focuses on generating the business outcomes they want to achieve. The team brings decades of cyber defense and intelligence operations experience to each client.

RSM Defense provides:

  • Unified and extended detection and response to cybersecurity threats
  • Cross-platform visibility and correlation
  • Self-healing and recovery capabilities
  • Informed and actionable threat intelligence 
  • Continuous attack surface reduction
  • Digital forensics and incident response
  • Brand monitoring and reputational impact analysis
  • Risk-focused decision making and practical advice

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