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Our clients are facing a world of change where regulatory, economic, geopolitical and other challenges are making it increasingly complex to do business, domestically and globally.

RSM focuses on empowering the middle market to navigate uncertainty, manage risk and find opportunity. We serve thousands of internationally active and foreign-owned clients across the U.S. and Canada, leveraging our global resources to support clients everywhere they do business.

As the world evolves, RSM evolves too 

This year, we announced Tom Ferreira as our first chief global officer to elevate our global priorities here in the U.S. and around the world. He serves as a member of the RSM International Board of Directors along with our immediate past managing partner and CEO Joe Adams, who was appointed to a three-year term as chairperson in April 2023. Both were instrumental in developing our RSM Global 2030 strategy, which defines the future priorities for RSM around the world.

Clients look to us for relevant global economic, business and industry insights. Our insights on 2023 economic headwinds, middle market ESG goals, supply chain management, global labor issues, global statutory audit challenges, and tariffs and trade help our clients succeed now and in the future. We expanded our global assurance, tax and consulting capabilities to help our clients understand and adapt to global and regional issues.

Talented professionals seek us out for our unrivaled, inclusive culture and talent experience. Education, professional development, mentoring and global mobility programs develop global first-choice advisor mindsets and skill sets to empower our people to achieve personal and professional success. Through the expansion of our global mobility program, we are adding several expats for multiyear assignments in various countries. In fiscal 2023, 24 RSM US and RSM Canada professionals completed the global RSM Academy, an immersive global development program for senior professionals.

Global reach

Our goal is to bring clients the full power of RSM International's capabilities in 830 offices across 120 countries, wherever they do business around the world.

We deploy consistent methodologies and tools across the network to enhance the reliability and quality of our work. As an example, RSM US leads the RSM Global Audit of the Future Center of Excellence, which completed three phases of its work to develop a global audit value proposition and ecosystem of people, processes, technologies and strategic alliances across our global network to focus on client risk and provide deep critical insights.

Global client and reporting services bring value to the global RSM network and make managing global compliance and reporting easier.

As a dominant firm for middle market foreign direct investors, leveraging our global business advisory capabilities and country experience supports foreign direct investment (FDI) activity. RSM’s 10 country practices, including our newest, South Korea, provide deep understanding of FDIs while helping clients navigate business, regulatory and cultural issues in new markets.

This year, we expanded our teams in India and El Salvador, adding highly skilled and experienced talent across all service lines. Our integrated model enables our global teams to learn together, build relationships and expand capabilities quickly. In addition, having members of the team elsewhere allows for 24-hour operations, results in quicker turnaround times, and brings greater value to our clients.

Countries where RSM International has member-firm coverage

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Countries where RSM International has member firm coverage
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Global strength, local relationships

RSM US and RSM Canada are members of RSM International, the sixth-largest global network of independent assurance, tax and consulting firms. For calendar year 2022, RSM International’s worldwide revenues exceeded $8 billion. As the leading provider of professional services to the global middle market, RSM International has seen worldwide fee income leap by 41.7% in the last three years, driven by client support to address shifting fiscal and economic policies, supply chain disruption, and the business and human impacts of the pandemic. In calendar year 2022, RSM International experienced robust growth across all service lines globally, with:

Firms in 120 countries

57,000 people

830 offices around the world

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