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As our clients face an increasingly complex global business environment, RSM continues to evolve as a compelling, digital, global organization focused on instilling confidence in a world of change. In fiscal year 2023, we made great strides to increase our impact.

Understanding our clients

Our promise to understand the middle market and individual clients’ industries and business environment is the foundation for every RSM experience and deep client relationships.

RSM’s Client Loyalty Study is one component of an integrated client experience measurement platform that provides in-depth market research to help us understand clients’ needs and expectations in a rapidly changing world. Feedback from more than 2,500 clients and 1,600 nonclients in this year’s survey confirmed many key strengths of the RSM client experience: We are easy to work with, we increase engagement efficiency with digital tools and technologies, we seek to learn about the client, and we have a strong, trusted team.

Increasing our impact

We are proud of these attributes and continue to implement new strategies to learn more and increase our impact.

Being easy to work with – In fall 2022, we rolled out phase 1 of our new enterprise client portal. As we continue our structured onboarding, we anticipate up to 20,000 clients will begin collaborating with their RSM engagement teams and relationship leads through the portal by the end of fiscal 2024 to monitor and manage assurance, tax and consulting engagements all in one place.

Using digital tools and technologies to increase engagement efficiency – RSM is expanding our suite of advanced digital tools and strategic technology relationships. New collaboration tools, such as Suralink, and our proprietary PartnerSightTM, FamilySightTM and CorporateSightTM platforms, help us create a more seamless environment for engagement collaboration, insights into clients’ unique business data, and ongoing interactions between clients and their RSM teams.

Learning more about the client – Our client service approach, market research, client experience measurement, economic and industry thought leadership, and public policy platforms are focused on understanding and guiding our clients through a variety of business concerns. In March, we launched our new RSM Market Insights Community, a virtual network for middle market C-level executives to discuss relevant issues with peers, RSM leaders and subject matter experts; share market intelligence; and inform solutions for issues middle market companies are facing. Executives may register online.

Empowering strong, trusted teams – Our people are empowered to create compelling client experiences by embracing our values, exhibiting our first-choice advisor behaviors, using technology, and developing expertise and insights that help our clients move with both speed and direction toward the future. 

Our clients tell us that they value their positive, strong relationships with RSM

“Exceptional level of service! Most importantly they care about our staff and organization as a whole. They do not just provide us with data and figures; they provide insight and valuable information regarding market trends and changes in the accounting environment that we operate in. Thank you all.”

– Assurance client 

“RSM's tax team has been incredibly valuable over the last five to six years in [working] with our very fast-growing company in areas such as lease accounting guidance, acquisition planning, tax planning and analysis, and family tax consulting. The team always goes above and beyond not only to deliver the direct service, but to provide the insight and explanations necessary to drive important initiatives and insights forward with key stakeholders.”

– Tax client

“The RSM team working on our project has been phenomenal! They have gone above and beyond our expectations to deliver all solutions. They understood our needs and worked very well with our internal staff. We are in the process of seeking RSM to assist us with our other financial systems and look forward to an ongoing [collaboration] with RSM.”

– Consulting client

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