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RSM’s assurance practice continues to have a significant impact.  Our professionals bring human insights powered by technology to help our clients make sense of complex issues and inform their decision making.

Our assurance practice surpassed $1 billion in revenue and over $75 million in new growth, demonstrating our ability to be compelling first-choice advisors to our clients. The practice has grown to include more than 4,000 professionals who delivered more than 8,000 insightful, data-driven audits adapted to our clients’ industries and unique business circumstances. Our professionals leverage deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, industries and challenges, and apply the right technologies scaled to their specific circumstances.

In a continuing effort to streamline our methodology, improve our audit quality and uncover new information, we continued our digital transformation by adding 14 sophisticated digital solutions and apps to our evolving suite of technology tools and strategic relationships. Use of these new solutions and apps also enabled our professionals to reinvest their talents in other value-added areas for clients.

In addition, we continue to invest in the education and development of our assurance professionals around the world. This past year, our assurance personnel accumulated more than 234,000 hours of continuing professional education training devoted to virtual and in-person training programs. These programs build technical, leadership, advisory and data analysis skill sets, enabling our team to excel as trusted advisors on the increasingly complex regulatory, business and global issues our clients are facing.

Our audit innovation team also provided over 45 audit technology-related training sessions that encouraged quick adoption of new technology by our people to increase the efficiency of our audits and our ability to deliver quality and value to our clients.

In fiscal 2023, we optimized work by collaborating with team members across United States, Canada and India. Over the year, we expanded our assurance teams in our India locations and worked together to serve clients in a variety of ways while balancing workloads and increasing capacity. Our global, technical and other rotational assignments were expanded this year, providing development opportunities for senior associates through partners to help them grow into future leaders of the practice.

To mobilize around our vision and to experience our unrivaled, inclusive culture, we gathered our senior assurance professionals at an in-person strategic conference.

“The conference was outstanding. Being new to the firm, it was a great opportunity for me to meet many RSM personnel, and [it was] also very motivating to hear more about the vision of the firm and experience the culture firsthand.”

– Assurance partner, Chicago office

Clients tell us they appreciate the quality of our work, the knowledge of our people and the insightful interactions they receive as part of their relationships with us. Our work with assurance clients is focused on instilling confidence in our changing world—fueling economies and capital markets, job creation and the production and delivery of vital products and services around the world.

We are proud of the significant difference RSM’s assurance practice made in fiscal 2023 and look forward to our continued impact on our firm, clients and the world in the years ahead.

Here’s what some of our clients said about their RSM experience:

  • “We appreciate the relationship we have with our RSM team. We have been very pleased with the regular interaction, challenging questions and thought-provoking conversations our RSM team members bring to the table. When we initially interviewed auditors, we were looking to build a strong relationship with a firm we could lean on, take direction from and learn from. We have found all of this in RSM.”
  • “I have found that the RSM audit teams over the past five years are always professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the engagement. I have worked with representatives of audit firms for 40 years, and it is clear why RSM is so successful, and that is because of the quality of the audit staff.”
  • “I was very impressed how quickly the new audit team came up to speed on our business. [This was] one of the best audits in the sense of project management and efficiency I have been involved in during my over 20 years involved in finance departments.”

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