In A World

           of Change

                                    RSM US LLP FY23 Impact Report 


Instilling confidence in a world of change

Our world is changing rapidly—from new innovations that drive positive change to disruptions that create the need to embrace new business and talent strategies. RSM is dedicated to supporting the success of our clients, people and communities through timely insight, effective solutions and essential support to help anticipate and address challenges and capitalize on opportunities. 

We are proud to present our Fiscal Year 2023 Impact Report, which provides a comprehensive look into our business and key programs over the last year. In it, you’ll learn more about our work to strengthen the services we provide, enhance diversity within our firm (and beyond), deliver leadership in the places we live, and demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment. As a firm, everything we do is centered on instilling confidence in a world of change.

About the Report

Report Sections

Our culture is a powerful competitive advantage
RSM double downs on commitment to sustainability
Helping our clients and people navigate current challenges while looking to the future
Expanding the impact of diversity and inclusion
Acting as trusted stewards of our communities
A clear focus on environmental sustainability
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