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Our ongoing dedication to preserving and improving the environment around us

Change is both inevitable and vital, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Positive change requires a period of discovery and acknowledgment, strong thought leadership, the sharing of knowledge, and the desire and know-how to be and do better. We’ve analyzed our business and identified both near-term opportunities and thoughtful, long-term strategies around environmental sustainability, with the goal of creating positive changes for our people, clients, communities and planet.

Our environmental strategy and commitments include:

  • Infusing environmental stewardship into our workplace culture
  • Integrating environmental sustainability into our everyday business operations
  • Reducing and monitoring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Collaborating with strategic ecosystems

“RSM’s Environmental Employee Engagement Committee has empowered me to connect with our people for something I am very passionate about. The committee’s members have brought an unbelievable level of rapport and knowledge to the table, and have given me the confidence I need to pursue my own goals of sustainable living. I am excited for what lies ahead!”


Infusing environmental stewardship into our culture

As a direct result of the growing interest in environmental stewardship from our people and leaders, we formed the environmental advisory board in early 2022 to guide and govern our strategy. The employee engagement committee was launched soon after and tasked with providing thoughtful environmental education and opportunities for our people. The committee hosted a variety of national initiatives, including a virtual trash dash, composting 101 webcasts, sustainable living tips and other local office activities such as renewable energy information sessions and community clean-ups.

On Earth Day, RSM employees participated in a trash dash in their local communities.

Integrating environmental sustainability into our everyday business operations

RSM supports flexibility now more than ever. Our national real estate team has been working to adapt to people’s changing office space needs and is committed to reducing our overall footprint by nearly one-third per full-time employee by 2026. Currently, 28 of our offices occupy Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-LEED® certified buildings, and we are designing all future office build outs to meet or exceed the latest energy conservation codes and LEED® parameters. Sustainable practices are a consideration in future office lease agreements, with an emphasis on properties committed to sustainable practices, including procuring power from renewable sources, transparency in energy usage, and commitment to maintaining recycling programs and monitoring waste streams.

And, to reduce the effect our operations have on the environment in 2023 and beyond, our office operations team has implemented a variety of waste management guidelines for consumable product ordering, recycling, composting, meetings and events.

Collaborating with strategic ecosystems

We generate sustained value through our strategic ecosystems to continually encourage an environment of growth and best practices among clients, vendors, suppliers and other organizations with whom we interact. Through collaboration with vendors such as DocuSign and Secure Print, we’re able to better understand our paper usage trends over the years and the impact of our actions. Our commitment to the UN Global Compact unlocks a new network of like-minded companies, coalitions, resources and opportunities to carry out our environmental commitment.

Printing trends

0 Units

Units: pages printed

Includes offices in the United States, Canada, India and El Salvador and all printers on the RSM US LLP network.

2022 paper reduction environmental savings

3,739,754 sheets of paper

439 trees

252,862 gallons of wastewater

23,900 pounds of solid waste

Paper reduction includes print jobs that were not needed due to DocuSign and print jobs that used the default duplex printing feature or were deleted prior to printing via Secure Print.

Bringing new technology to children in need

Our relationship with EPC USA, an end-of-life IT vendor, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America created an opportunity to put 100 refurbished Lenovo N21 Chromebooks into the hands of in-need youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Quinault Indian Nation and Boys and Girls Clubs of Yurok Tribe. RSM leaned into our strategic ecosystems by connecting the need with the supplier, managing logistics, covering various related costs and, most importantly, providing youth with access to technology.

“Environmental, social and governance factors are now recognized as critical components in assessing the long-term sustainability and financial performance of a company. Through my experience in assisting clients stand up and mature their ESG strategies, I have witnessed firsthand the numerous benefits that can be gained by incorporating ESG into an organization’s operations. These benefits include better long-term performance, enhanced ability to identify and manage risks whether in regulatory or supply chain, increased attraction and retention of top talent, increased attraction of investors, meeting social and regulatory expectations, and a positive impact on the environment and society. As someone who is deeply passionate about sustainability and creating a better world, I am excited to witness this shift in the business world toward greater transparency, accountability and intentionality, and I look forward to the continued progress we can make together toward a more sustainable future.”

– Trish Beltran, ESG Advisory Services Manager, RSM US LLP

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