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Letter from Chief Talent Officer Ty Beasley and Chief Diversity Officer Tracey Walker

As the firm’s chief talent and chief diversity officers, it’s our pleasure to lead RSM’s people strategy at such an exciting time in our firm’s evolution as we strive to instill confidence in a world of change. 

Our culture is a powerful, competitive advantage that differentiates RSM as a leader in inclusive and compelling talent experiences. It’s one of the secret sauces of our success. Our culture is a result of the diverse perspectives our people across the United States, Canada, India and El Salvador bring to the firm and to our clients. It’s a culture that has evolved and one that we are committed to continuing to evolve and sustain into the future. 

“Being authentic is essential for building meaningful relationships that enable each of us to contribute most effectively to the success of our clients, our communities and one another.”

– Ty Beasley and Tracey Walker

One of the best ways to sustain our unique culture is by listening to our people—those who are longtime colleagues as well as those who are newer in their career journeys with RSM. Everyone has unique insights, perspectives and ideas to share. By truly listening, we build understanding. The more we understand one another, the more we trust each other. When you have a culture of trust, people feel comfortable being their authentic selves, having courageous conversations and sharing their insights. And that’s where the magic happens. When you have an environment where everyone feels welcome and included, innovation thrives, leading to the best possible outcomes—for our people, our clients and our communities. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made to date around diversity and inclusion, but we also realize that it’s a journey—one that will continue to evolve as the world around us evolves.


Ty Beasley signature.

Ty Beasley, Chief Talent Officer

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Tracey Walker, Chief Diversity Officer

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