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Stories of recruitment, retention and advancement

To operationalize our strategy, we are identifying key moments from the beginning of the RSM career journey to progress diverse talent through our pipeline to partnership. From attracting new and boomerang talent to retaining and advancing current people, these moments represent pivotal opportunities for RSM to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our hiring process integrates designated teams within human resources (HR) talent acquisition, recruiting, marketing and communications, as well as employee network groups (ENGs), to connect with diverse communities, such as strategic colleges, universities and organizations that allow RSM to better serve our clients. Expanding our pool of high-performing, diverse candidates from varied backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and experiences enhances our ability to deliver innovative solutions and enriches the experience for our people. Our recruiters actively work to identify candidates of diverse backgrounds and skill sets for interviews and opportunities; and RSM ENGs, campus recruiting and experienced-hire talent acquisition professionals work to create collaborative, innovative professional teams across our organization.

We also explore more unique and personalized ways to invest in our people. It requires working with individuals, their managers, partners and our talent teams to identify the right career paths, and when it makes sense, creating entirely new roles that suit our peoples' passions, as well as the firm and/or client needs.

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