Evolving Our Work and Impact

No matter the view, the picture is unique for everyone involved in fostering RSM’s culture, diversity and inclusion journey. We recognize that we have an obligation to our people, clients, vendors, industry peers and the broader community. The work required to provide a first-choice workplace culture, to ensure our services meet and exceed the needs of our middle market clients (whose business makes up the backbone of our economy) and to create long-lasting changes in our society will continue—strengthening our firm and elevating our professionals.

In the coming years, we will build on our foundation of hiring and retaining outstanding diverse talent and providing them with tools and avenues to succeed. We will also continue to grow our relationships with professional associations that support diverse employees, deploy resources to support the success of our internal and external programs, and see, value and highlight the uniqueness of each person that works for RSM.

We remain focused on the opportunities to make a positive impact, be it large or small, on our profession, our society and on each individual who interacts with our firm through our culture of diversity and inclusion.

At RSM, we’ve made it our mission to enhance innovation, collaboration and business results through a culture of diversity and inclusion.

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